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Carbon Offsetting and Staying Green

A while ago, we planted a tree for every customer that has visited since we opened in 2010. The main purpose was to try to offset some of the CO2 produced by their holiday. We planted over 100 native trees (Oak, Rowan, Hawthorn, Hazel, and Birch), which are doing extremely well. In addition, we have around 100m of willow hedging and cosy domes, which are growing around 2/3metres per year. These hedges have the ability to capture roughly 120kg of CO2 per year, locking the carbon into the topsoil via the roots. This process is called “Carbon Sequestration”. We have just completed our yearly willow harvest, and have filled 3 dumpy bags, which once dried and seasoned, will be used for the log burners, providing a carbon-neutral fuel source. The hedges and domes will shortly be bustling with wildlife as they regenerate. Nesting birds and bugs absolutely love it!

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