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Eco, Sustainability & Wildlife

Located in the countryside and surrounded by fields, West Lampetho is absolutely teeming with wildlife.

With both natural and man-made Bug and Bee hotels, a Living Willow Dome, and fields of natural pasture that lead to views of The Sea.

The Owl nest box in Violet is currently home to four Barn Owls (2 owletts and 2 parents) and depending on the season, they can be seen flying around at dusk or on the nest-box camera. It's fabulous watching!

Solar Panels, Wind Turbine,

Wildlife and Nature

- it's all here

100% Green Electricity from from our own small-scale wind turbine, low energy/LED light bulbs, and Solar Hot Water. All are backed up from our Green Energy supplier or natural gas.

We have our own eco-biological sewage treatment plant, Ecover cleaning products, and recycling/composting facilities.

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