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Climate Change, El Niño and Wildlife

After a scorching hot and very dry June, we seem to have had an abundance of wildlife. Or maybe we're just noticing it more? Is it proof of climate change or just a pattern or trend? It seems different this year with a warmer sea, more dolphin sightings, but no barrel jellyfish yet. A white pheasant, dragonflies and this gorgeous nest of 5 swallows. The plentiful insects are keeping our resident swallows and bats fed. And the lavender is totally teeming with bees! Our planted wildlife area is taking shape, and helps to provide a peaceful haven for those staying in Violet and Primrose. Our location is perfect to observe and reflect, or to just rest, relax and take it all in, and yet we are less than 3 miles from the stunning harbour of Fowey and Polkerris beach. The Barn Owl can still be seen at dusk sweeping along the hedgerows, and the deer can be quietly observed at dawn (if you're up early enough). We are certainly seeing more extremes in the weather. Let's see what the now-established El Niño brings over the next half of the year. Perhaps an Indian Summer, maybe a colder winter, more heatwaves, or another Autumn lacking gales? The UK Met Office quotes "If you think of climate change as being the rising tide then El Niño is the wave riding on top".

dragonfly on brambles

baby swallows nesting

white pheasant

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