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Nesting Season for Barn Owls

It was so lovely to have friends visiting recently, staying in Violet. Finlay (Instagram: @ftb_photography22) waited patiently to take this stunning photo of our resident Barn Owl, perching in the oak tree outside the front door. There are currently 2 Owlets in the Violet nest box, and the nestbox mounted owl-cam has been compulsive viewing in the evenings.

We have just published our accommodation prices for 2023, and have decided to keep them the same as this year, despite continuing increases in our running costs. Thankfully, the solar panels continue to provide most of the hot water, and the wind turbine continues to provide us with some of our clean green electricity. We are continuing to explore off-grid/battery storage options for the future.

We still do have some vacancies for this summer, so please take a look at our website should you be thinking about a holiday now or in the future. Thanks for reading this!

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